Alex & Mareike gave us a highly competitive product.🧴🌱
They now ship over 10.000 units per month.
"At the beginning of 2021, we started our collaboration with MUYDOZO, initially for building our Pinterest presence, which within a few weeks became one of our ROAS-strongest channels. Thus, we followed suit with all other paid social platforms and also put Instagram and TikTok in the hands of the MUYDOZO team. What we particularly appreciate about the collaboration? MUYDOZO advises us at eye level, always reliably and beyond pure online marketing - we are enormously happy to know such a strong partner at our side and to continue to grow together!" - Alexander Hefele, Founder & CEO
Luke gave us his vision of a sold out tour. 🎭
We made it come true.
Luke hit us with an idea for his new tour. We created an entire visual world for that from logos over ads to an overall aesthetic appeal that became the Luckyland Tour 2019/20, selling over 100k tickets in less than 24 hours.
Fabian gave us 44k.
We made him 510k in revenue. 💰💰💰
We helped Fabian set up weekly conversion driven campaigns for his club "Bootshaus" (that DJ Mag rated the 8th best club in the world) and Festivals such as Springinsfeld, Nibirii and Blacklist Festival. We sold a whole lot of tickets!
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We do marketing
from the ground up.
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LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn still allows high organic reach as in the early Facebook days in a high ticket B2B environment. Being a certified LinkedIn Partner, we benefit from direct-communication with the head office and know the ins and outs of the platform for organic as well as paid growth. LinkedIn demands platform specific strategies that we are happy to apply and tailor for your business’ needs.
Taboola Marketing
Ever heard of Taboola? No?! We’re pretty sure you’ve already clicked on a taboola ad tho. The taboola network allows you to place your ads on target audience relevant content across the internet in blogs, news outlets, and website. Especially for lead prospecting (cold acquisition), Taboola is the go to media outlet to acquire high quality leads at low cost. As a certified Taboola Partner, we are working closely with the platform and can therefore gather early insights and adjust strategies accordingly way ahead of the rest of the media buying landscape.
Pinterest Marketing
The creative underdog. While many may consider pinterest to be a social media outlet solely for diy pics and life quotes, we are running highly lucrative campaigns for businesses from all genres. Pinterest is the perfect blend of push (facebook & co) and pull (google) marketing, allowing for high ROAS and low CPMs. We help to build your own Pinterest channel organically and through paid media from the ground up or let you reach new heights to guarantee a solid revenue stream for your business.
Check out how we run Pinterest marketing
Alongside Google, Facebook and Instagram are taking the pole position when it comes to performance marketing, reaching over 23M B2C and B2B active users in Germany alone. We help your business to acquire more leads and revenue through highly targeted and optimized funnels.
Learn more about our approach and see our cases
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The Basics of Performance
We’re doing online marketing since 2010, resulting in 2 Exits millions of €s spend online and a whole lot of expertise in various lines of business. Being entrepreneurs we understand that it takes a wholesome approach to ensure your brand’s success online. We analyze your business, brand, customers and market to craft a tailor made full funnel concept for you. Always focused on the most relevant platforms for your audience, we work ourselves from awareness, over consideration to conversion using the best converting media outlet for each of the steps in a multi platform funnel.
The Performance of any campaign heavily depends on the website. In most cases this is where the actual transaction happens and it needs to abide by certain rules and standards to increase conversions. We create awesome and optimized websites from a super tight tracking setup to excellent designs with webflow, create webshops with Shopify and Magento 2.0, or quickly built a couple of high performing Landingpages with Clickfunnels, Zipify, or Shogun.
Creative DNA
Nowadays there is a whole lot of competition when it comes to digital marketing. SInce most platforms work with a bidding structure to place ads, the ones that are most engaging get preferred listing. More than ever before it comes to the creative. We help you conceptualize or craft high performing ad creatives for your business’ needs to outperform your competitors. 
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